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You’re a cat owner because you love cats. We love them too. When you have to leave them, you want to trust your feline family members are in the best care available. This is why our cattery exists, exclusively, for the love of cats.


Cats deserve a day filled with cuddles and cat naps. At Cat Cafe Sanur, all of our kitty guests are treated like royalty! Our cat boarding services offer a spacious room for your cat to stretch their paws and relax. With private rooms to sleep, outdoor views and lots of places for climb and play. We invite your cat to come and spend the night atour secure cat boarding, so you can rest easy knowing your little one is safe and sound while you are away.

  • Private and spacious rooms

  • Cat trees and scratching posts

  • Lots of toys for playing

  • Cuddle time with human friends

  • Safe place

  • Professional staff

  • Cleaning 3 x / day

  • Picture/video update

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